Diary Dates



DIARY DATES 2019-2020:                                       


Friday 19th                                               Staff Training Day – School Closed                                                        

21st – 25th                                               Half Term

28th                                                          Back to School

31st                                                          Halloween Disco PTA Event

31st                                                           Open day for all prospective new parents – 10:00 am


1st                                                             Year 2 class assembly                                       

22nd                                                           Year 6 Class assembly


6th                                                             Christmas Fair – PTA event, more information to follow

10th                                                          Early Years performance to parents at 10.45 am                                                                                                         KS1 performance to parents at 1.45 pm

11th                                                           KS1 performance to parents – 6.30 pm                                

13th                                                          Church service at Emmanuel Church (children only)            

18th                                                           Christingle performance to parents in KS2 – 9:00 am. 

18th                                                           Class Christmas Parties

Thursday 19th                                          CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY – term ends at 12:00 pm

24th Dec – 4th Jan                                     Christmas Holidays



Monday 6th January                             TERM STARTS – all children to attend

13th                                                         SATs meeting - KS1 6.30-7.15 pm & KS2 7.30 -8.15pm

31st                                                          Year 4 class assembly


Friday 7th February                               Year 3 class assembly         

13th                                                          Valentines disco

14th                                                           Year 1 class assembly

17th – 21st February                               HALF TERM

Monday 24th February                           Return to School


2nd March                                               Parents Evening 5:00pm -7.30pm

3rd                                                           Parents Evening 3.30pm – 6:00pm

6th                                                            Year 5 class assembly

20th                                                           Reception class assembly

31st                                                            Year 3 & 4 Spring Concert at 1.45


1st April                                                   Year 3 & 4 Spring Concert at 6.30pm

Friday 3rd                                                EASTER HOLIDAY – school finishes at 12:00 pm

6th - 19th                                                  Easter holidays

Monday 20th April                                 Return to school

29th                                                           Year 6 Wales meeting 6:00pm


Monday 8th May                                     VE Day – BANK HOLIDAY school closed

11th                                                         KS2 SATs week

18th                                                         Year 6 trip to Wales

22nd                                                        HALF TERM – school finishes at 3.15 pm.


1st June                                                   Return to School. 

8th                                                           Year 1 Phonics Tests Week

                                                                 Frithwood’s Got Talent

12th                                                         Frithwood’s Got Talent Final (Children only)

20th                                                         Summer fair (to be confirmed)

22nd                                                        School Sports Day & Family Picnic

23rd                                                         Nursery Sports Day

24th                                                         Nursery Reserve Sports Day

25th                                                         Reserve School Sports Day


6th                                                            Year 5 & 6 Performance 6:30 pm

7th                                                            Year 5 & 6 Performance – 6:30 pm

8th                                                            Class Swap Morning

10th July                                                    School Reports home

14th                                                          Year 6 Leavers Assembly 9:00am  

                                                                  Year 6 leavers disco

15th                                                          Prize giving assembly

Friday 17th                                              LAST DAY OF TERM – school finishes at 12:00 pm


All of the above events will have more information sent nearer the time.

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